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Movavi iCopy is an absolute must have backup tool for your iPod / iPad / iPhone media library
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4 January 2011

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Movavi iCopy is an must have backup tool for your iPod media library that helps transfer iPod videos, music, podcasts, and playlists to iTunes, copy iPod content to PC. With Movavi iCopy there`s no risk of losing your media collection.You can always have a back-up to restore from.

Features: Movavi iCopy is a backup tool for your iPod media library. You can easily transfer iPod contents to iTunes or a PC for secure storage and act as a back up. The content could be iPod videos, music, podcasts, and playlists. This way you not only make a back-up copy, you are able to play the collection of music, video, podcasts on the work or the home computer.

Besides copying of media files to iTunes you are able to keep the contents on multiple iPods. You should be able to get all the content file organized automatically by play-lists. All the functionality is available through the intuitive interface. The program works with all the iPod models namely,iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Video, iPod Shuffle.Apple`s iTunes is a reliable iPod file manager. But there can be situations it may delete all of your collection. Particularly when you may have reinstalled the OS or bought a new computer. On trying to sync in such a situation, problems can occur.

Overall: A good and handy utility that lets you keep your iPod collection safe.

Publisher's description

It's clear that iPods have conquered the world of portable media. But the reality is that the iPod is a fragile high-tech device. Whatever the reason, you don't even want to think about recreating your collection from memory. Backing up the contents of your iPod is simplicity itself with Movavi iCopy.
Here's what you can do with Movavi iCopy:
Transfer music and video from iPod, iPad or iPhone to iTunes
New! Copy movies and music from iTunes to PC
New! Work with iTunes 10
Secure your iPod / iPad / iPhone media content by copying it to your PC
Backup iPod, iPad and iPhone music and videos in three simple steps
Move media content between multiple iPhones, iPads or iPods
Enjoy your media files on any PC at work or at home
Sort all your iPod / iPad / iPhone files by Title, Artist and other criteria
Access all this functionality through an intuitive interface
Movavi iCopy works with iPad and all iPod / iPhone models!
Movavi iCopy
Movavi iCopy
Version 2.0.2
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